I am a TurboFire Success Story, I know you think that when you see the commercials, and you watch the videos that all those people are fake, and made up, and they do all this special lighting to make them look good.  Sorry Charlie, the fact is that all those people that you see just worked really hard to get the result that they wanted and TurboFire helped them do it!

What is TurboFire?

When people ask me personally what TurboFire is, I like to tell them that it is a cardio kickboxing class, with a little flare, a little dance, and a whole lotta good times.  It is an intense workout program that will push you right to the edge, make you feel like you’re ready to quit, then prove to you that you can push yourself harder than you ever thought possible.

What Comes With It?

When you purchase TurboFire you are going to get all the video workouts, a green stretch band, the workout schedule and eating guide, and a ton of online support (and support from me if you get it through me, you can message me on Facebook for more info on how to get my personal support).  There are three basic types of turbo fire workouts:

Fire Workouts –

The fire workouts are a nice full length cardio workout, they keep you moving the whole time, with maybe one or two breaks, but they burn the calories and make ya sweat!

HIIT Workouts –

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  These are short bursts (40-70 seconds) of all out power followed by a short break, then repeat.  You repeat for the length of the workout, the number in the workout title dictates how many minutes each workout is


These workouts may not be as intense in terms of the cardio, but they are going to make you workout.  The stretch workouts help you keep your body flexible and prevent injuries while you do the more intense stuff, while the sculpt and Abs videos are going to get you the tone and muscle you crave.

What Exactly is in the Box:

  • Get Fired Up – Getting Started DVD

  • Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • HIIT 15 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • Fire 55 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • Core 20 Class/Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • Fire 45 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • HIIT 20 Class/Stretch 10 Class:  Fire 45 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • HIIT 25 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • Sculpt 30 Class/Tone 30 Class

  • Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class

  • Healthy Eating Guide

  • Program Schedule

  • Stretch Band

  • Bonus Workout – Abs and Greatest HIITs


But Does This Really Work?


Did you not read the first sentence up at the top!  Of course this works, this program helped me to shed an additional 60 pounds once I started using it.  After I added Shakeology into the mix the pounds started melting off.  The key to making this program is eating right, I did use the weight watcher program when I did it the first time.  However, I have also used the eating guide from Beachbody Programs and that will provide you with incredible results as well!


What Are Others Saying About TurboFire?


TurboFire is getting incredible reviews all around, because if you follow the program and do what is says, you are going to get results.  Here are a few reviews straight from their website:


  • I love this workout so much because it’s so fun it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising. The music is great it gets me going and Chalene is such a motivator and does the whole workout with you. It’s also great because you can modify to suit individual needs as well. This workout is fun and it works!! It gives me so much energy for the day.
  • Ok I’ve just started TURBO FIRE, This first week I’ve only been doing the new to class,  As a work out, fire 55 EZ!  WOW this is AWSOME! I’m 45 years old and have been working out for 25 years; I wanted to kick it up. This kicked it up ALOT! I’m trying to follow the meal plan. I want to lose at least 15 lb. I love Chalene style and attitude in her workouts. I’ll post again in a few weeks with my progress.


These are just a couple of the reviews, and you will only find hundreds of more reviews like this out there.


So What are You Waiting For?


If you want a workout that feels more like a party then it does a workout and you want to get the body you have also dreamed of, you need to check out TurboFire!  If you want you can order it through me, and I will personally help coach you through it, if you have any questions do hesitate to contact me, either at spucklerfitness@gmail.com or on my like page Spuckler Fitness on Facebook

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