When is it Okay to Treat Yourself?

by Zach on June 10, 2013

Treat YourselfToday I was talking with someone taking one of my 30-Day Challenges – they are doing an incredible job by the way – and they jokingly asked me, “When can I have candy in all of this?”  This really got me thinking about the concept of treating yourself and when is it okay to do so?

In order to answer this question I want to start with a story about something that happened to me today at work.  I was offered a slice of cake, which I couldn’t have because it wasn’t vegan but honestly I didn’t really want a piece of cake.  My craving for this cake was non-existent and I could recall situations where the old me would have taken this cake and RUN.

Instead of eating the cake I was okay with a sweet alternative (a Cliff Bar) that met my dietary needs and provided me with something sweet to ward of that cake!  So why did I tell you that story?

You have to realize that it is completely okay to treat yourself from time to time, but it’s what you treat yourself with and how often that counts!  Try subbing your favorite treat with a healthier option that still gives your sweet tooth what it wants! Think frozen yogurt over ice cream.

But Zach, what if I just want the Real Deal?

I think it is okay to treat yourself to something that tastes great that you know is not so great for you, from time to time.  If you are the type of person who knows that some chocolate pudding at home isn’t going to quench your need for a chocolate ice cream cone at your local mom and pop shop, that’s okay!

When you treat yourself to “the real deal” just be aware of how often you are doing it. Is it a daily thing or it something that you do every couple of weeks?  Think about it, even the most intense bodybuilders still have a cheat meal from time to time, but they have to earn it.

So Wait, it’s okay to eat bad?

I’m certainly not saying that you should be eating unhealthy all the time, but a piece of cake at a birthday party every once in a while and an extra serving of your favorite food at a barbeque this month isn’t going to kill you.  When these “treats” become a daily occurrence, they are no longer a treat and that is where the problem starts!

Tell me, what’s your favorite thing to treat yourself with, comment below!

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Yrene June 22, 2013 at 11:30 am

Hi Zach :) …I am 37 years old , mother of two …I love eating sweets and bread and I think that is the reason why I haven’t been able to reach my goal of losing the only (15 pounds) over weight I have… can you please let me know what can I do to stop this constantly cravings that are killing me. I exercise all the time, eat healthy beside the days of the week when I mess everything up that is usually happens one to three days a week. .. I found this greek yogurt icecream from weight watchers they are only 100 cals. what do you think about that?
Yrene :)


Zach June 22, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Hey Yrene, sounds like your making a lot of big steps in the right direction! I know it can be tough when you get stuck! I personally handle my cravings with healthier options and my Shakeology! It keeps me in check and then I don’t feel the need to go off plan over the weekend!


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