Traumas and Dramas

by Zach on June 6, 2013

Are you holding on to the past?  Have you lost a decent amount of weight but you are still having trouble seeing a new you in the mirror, or perhaps you are having trouble getting past what you see now.  In today’s TV episode, we are talking about what I like to call Traumas and Dramas.

Traumas are things that have happened in our past, and I am talking about what it is that you can do to start to embrace your past rather than run from it.  When you are at peace with the person you used to be you can stand tall and be proud of the person that you have come.

In other blog posts and videos I have talked about Dramas but today I am elaborating just a little bit more.  A drama is something that is happening in your life that is holding you back that you need to step away from.  For some of us it’s a co-worker that doesn’t support our weight loss journey, or it can even been a family member!  When you understand how to take the “drama” out of your life you give yourself no limits on your personal growth.

So grab your pen and paper, be ready to take a couple of notes and become the person you have always wanted to be!

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