Stop Worrying, Start Living

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I know that people say life’s to short to worry, but I would like to spin it and say life is too long…to spend it full of worry!  I’m not sure how you deal with anxiety, but for me being anxious, worried, or concerned about any situation makes me feel like every day is 10 times longer than it is.

When you get worried and nervous time seems to slow down, so my argument is that if you cant wrap your mind around life being to short, then try and think about the AWFUL waiting time that comes with being stressed.  Do you want to have a long life full of worry and stress?

I’m aware that this is a shorter posted that I have written, and that it’s not 100% health and fitness related, but I firmly believe that your health is related to your mental state.  When you spend hours of your day getting caught up in stress, concern, or your mistakes you’re not living a healthy life.

In my life I have made a lot of mistakes, and I’m sure you have to, but there is nothing that worry will change.  Think back to the last big mistake you made – didn’t the problem eventually resolve itself?  Did constant concern or worry fix the problem?  99.99% of the time the answer is yes the problem was resolved and no worrying wasn’t the answer!

So this week, take some time to let go of your mistake, getting hung up on them won’t change anything, and letting them go will give you everything!  Also remember to take a few moments to just enjoy the little things.  For me, I can worry about work, school, and my businesses but if I don’t take a few moments to just chill on the coach with my dog then life just seems dull!


If you don’t take some time to just enjoy life, it gets way to stressful!  RELAX!

You can live a happy life starting right now, if you choose to!

P.S. I firmly believe in this concept, and that picture at the top is MY tattoo!  It may hurt today, but it will make you stronger tomorrow!

HeadshotUntil Next Time,

Zach Spuckler

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