Quick and Easy Trail Mix

by Zach on February 14, 2013

Thought I would share a quick and easy recipe that I use as one of my snacks during the day, it is one of my favorite standbys for a hectic day!


Almond-Raisin Trail Mix

This recipe will take you about 3 mins to put together, and you can throw it in a sandwich bag or Tupperware container to enjoy at a later time, or you can throw it in a bowl and eat it right now.


2/3 Cup Whole Almonds

2 Tbsp. Raisins

Take the two ingredients, put them in your container of choice, and give it a shake to mix and distribute the almonds and raisins.

Nutrition Facts

Calories ~600

Fat 49g

Protien 20g

Carbs 29g

Just as a disclaimer, I realize this is a little higher on the calorie and fat side, HOWEVER, this is a trail mix that is meant for the active person, and it is meant to be one of your 5 MEALS for the day so it gives you the nurtion and the good fats that you need.

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