Is Permanent Weight Loss Possible?

by Zach on May 29, 2013

Yo-Yo Diet

I have had a few people ask me over the past couple of weeks, “what the best way to lose weight and keep it off?”  Some have even gone as far as to ask if it is possible!  From personal experience I can tell you that it is very possible to lose weight and keep it off, I have personally kept off over 85 pounds for more than a year.

So if permanent weight loss is possible, what is the big secret?  Well my friends, I am going to reveal the secret right now…

The secret to permanent weight is, stop searching for the perfect weight loss diet and start working on your overall health!

Many people spend countless hours searching for the perfect diet for weight loss, they are so busy trying to figure out how to eat that they never take the time to figure out how to live.  A healthy life and successful weight loss is about more than what you eat, though that is a factor!

I have talked about this in the past, but dieting is simply changing your life for a short period of time to get a desired outcome.  The problem is that when you think short term with your diet you start ending up with short term and non-sustainable results!

If you are looking for sustainable results, trying doing a one or more of the following five things (if you want to be a weight loss superstar, try doing all five!):

  1. Make small changes one at a time and allow them to compound. Replace soda with water, then after that replace chips with carrots.  Let your small changes compound over time create real and sustainable results.
  2. Get a workout program, seriously!  I know that you may not be a huge fan of working out right now, but if you want permanent weight loss you need to think about making exercise a part of your life!  You can contact me if you need help finding the right program!
  3. Stop diet hopping!  If you have tried one diet, only to switch to the latest cleanse, to then try the grapefruit and broccoli diet you will never see results.  Stop skipping around to random diets and start focusing on healthy choices and a wholesome life!
  4. Find an accountability system and take advantage of it.  For some it is a workout partner in person or online (isn’t the internet great!) and for others it’s simply sharing their goals with someone they trust!  Find a system of accountability that works for you so that you feel the need to keep the weight off.
  5. Learn to love yourself right now!  I know that for some of you it may be tough to look in the mirror and accept what you see but when you can learn to love your body and yourself right now, you have no choice but to become a better you.

Stop searching the Internet for a permanent weight loss solution in the form of a diet and start embracing the future you by living a healthier life.

Are you still struggling with permanent weight loss, let me know what other struggles you have over on my Facebook Page!

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