Let Life Happen – It’s Okay

by Zach on September 5, 2013

Life Happens

For the longest time I spent hours trying to plan out the details of my day.  I bought a planner, I had a palm pilot, I used my cellphone, but after awhile I realized that all this planning wasn’t matching up to what was happening. Does that sound like you? Does this mean that you’re a failure or you can’t be successful?  For a while my subconscious liked to tell me it was, but some recent reading in the book Start! by Jon Acuff I learned something!

“We want to plan the road to awesome… We want to detail every step before we take a single one… But when we do that, when we squeeze our lives and purposes that tightly, we eliminate any room for surprises.”

If you are anything like me, your jaw just hit the floor, you have a 10 year plan on the wall, you know what your job looks like, and your life is a very simple and easy to follow plan, but it isn’t working.  The fact of the matter is that you are not alone, nor are you the minority!

It’s Okay to Plan, But Avoid Stress

If you are at a point where you plan things out so extensivley, that when something falls through you under under extreme stress, it’s time to revaluate what you are doing!  Isn’t planning supposed to make life better and easier?  When you can’t get through your whole to-do list, or you miss an appointment, do you feel better?  Probably not!  Now I want to put a BIG disclaimer here, I still use a planner, I still make to-do lists, but I am no longer micromanaging my time.  When you know what and where you should be every second of the day, life get’s tedious and loses the spark!

Embrace your Humanity

I don’t know anything that feels greater than realizing that you are human and that you make mistakes and accepting that.  Step back and tell yourself, “You know what, I’m not perfect – but that’s perfectly okay!”  When you finally realize that there will always be more to do, always be one more item on the list, one more dream you are free to keep working towards it’s a liberating feeling.  Learn to love the process and not the end result.

Wait WHAT?

Sorry, I know I got a little esoteric there but I wanted you to see something.  The path to greatness is one that can not simply be walked with map in hand – or iPhone GPS if your sense of direction is like mine haha!  You have to walk the path and take in your surroundings.  The most successful people don’t learn what they know because they went from point A to point B.  The successful people in the world realize that their failures and there sucesses are just road markers on the path to greatness.

Are you Ready to Let Life Happen

You have to let life happen and stop being SO worried about every detail that you miss what’s happening around you.  I am not saying ditch the calendars, planners, and to-do lists.  Shoot I have all three!  But what I am saying is start using them to advance yourself, not stress and worry yourself.   I will leave you with a closing thought:

Inspire greatness in yourself and others, but don’t plan it.  No man plans to change the world, but rathers plans to change himself and the world follows suit.

Until Next Time

Zach Spuckler

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Nancy September 12, 2013 at 2:35 pm

Wow! Also an insightful post! We need to talk!


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