There are No Late Assignments in Life

Are you willing to start? 

As a college student I often hear something at the beginning of the semester that I really hate.  “Late work will not be accepted.”  In school we are programmed to believe that once something is late – it doesn’t carry any real value so either get it right the first time or don’t bother at all.

Last night I had some unexpected things come up and that meant I had to move my blog post from this morning to this afternoon.  I followed the idea that so many people buy into about missing deadlines that don’t exist I would not be writing this post and you wouldn’t ever get to see it.

How often do you hear people say that things are just not going to get done because it’s too late, but there is no real deadline?  I used to be like that with my blog – I would think things like, “Well I wanted it up at 6 AM but it’s already 9AM so just forget it, it’s too late!”  You are creating your own deadlines that don’t exist!

I see a very similar pitfall when people try to start eating healthy.  They make a mistake in the middle of the week and it ruins the day, the day ruins the week and the week ruins the month.  We associate successes with this golden moment – a moment that doesn’t even exists.  Once this moment passes, we have already failed.  Are you creating these “golden moments” and making your life harder than it has to be?

You see life is not just a compound of days; weeks, and months, life is a continuous timeline!  No matter what you do if you START NOW anything that happened prior to this moment is in the past!  The future is always affected by the past, but you can always change the future starting NOW!

Most people think that they should be successful once they get out of high school, or college, or by time they’re 40!  We tend place our importance on arbitrary things such as age or academic accomplishment.   The fact is, there are thousands of massively successful people that didn’t get their start “early.”  Walmart wasn’t created until the founder Sam Walton was 44, the Huffington Post was founded until Arianna Huffington was 54.   If these people could make multi million dollar changes in what we consider “late life” do you think you can too?

Stop trying to convince yourself that it’s too late to get the things you want in life. If you are reading this, breathing, and have a pulse then you still have more time left to change your future.

In life, all late work is accepted, because there is no due date.

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Zach Spuckler



  1. says

    Love the message in this article. This used to be my mindset. I messed a meal on a random tuesday and then just said screw the rest of the day and week and I’ll just start back on the next Monday.

    No more of that finally. So, good job for writing something like this that plenty of ppl struggle with

    • Zach says

      I think its true that a ton of people do this, it’s more common then we realize! It’s always a good time to resolve your mistakes (It doesn’t have to be Monday lol!)

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