It’s Time to Start Dreaming Again

by Zach on January 13, 2014

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I’ve got an avid love for quarky independent movies – hey a man can watch movies when he’s not working out no? – and I happened to watch an incredibly amazing one this weekend.

The movie follows the story of a teen that truly despises the high school experience; he feels that he is bound for things much greater than his small town.  There is one scene however that was so amazing and so touching that it prompted me to change my blog topic for the day and write about it instead.

In this particular scene, the main character talking to a girl who is a Cheerleader, and he tells her (I’m paraphrasing):

Why are you trying so hard to be the perfect cheerleader and making that you big goal? I remember in the second grade you wanted to be a ballerina why didn’t you keep trying?

She responds by saying that everyone laughed at her dreams, so she moved on.

The main character goes on to explain that he didn’t laugh at her; there is always someone that believes in your dreams – even if it’s just you! There have to be ballerinas in the world and Nobel peace prizewinners so why can’t the next one be you?

If that wasn’t profound enough to blow your mind, the main character finished on a profoundly strong note, asking some questions that you really need to start thinking about:

When do we hit the age that we stop believing in our dreams?  At what age during the human experience do we stop trying to do the things that are unconventional?

That scene was strong and it really spoke to me, so here’s what I took from it and what I want to pass on to you.

Right now there are thousands of people, working for themselves, living their dreams, or traveling the world.  What in your heart of hearts is making you think that you can do whatever it is that you want to do?  Really?

Most of the people who are living their dreams were not born into a privileged life they worked hard to earn it.  They took their dreams and they put them in action and when people told them they were crazy they just kept pressing forward, only looking back to see how far they had come.

What I am hoping you take away from this is that people are going to question you and what you do.  When I lost weight I had people question me, when I went vegan I had people question me, when I started teaching classes I had people question me!  Stop trying to fit other people’s molds, you are a unique person and you can live a unique life, start living it now!

Let nothing hold you back from reaching great heights.  There are obstacles that may come along and try to slow you down, but as of right now the only thing stopping you is that small voice in your head that doubts you.

Have a funeral today, let that voice in your head cross over and start dreaming again, it’s the age of dreamers and we’re changing the world.

I believe in you,

Zach Spuckler


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