It’s All About Perspective

by Zach on September 20, 2013


Today I was reading an article on The Huffington Post about the qualities that happy people have.  I said to myself, “I would like to think that I’m happy, let’s see what kinds of qualities they have!”

After reading a few of them, I felt like I had hit most of the points but life decided to put me to the test, as it sometimes does, and I learned a couple of lessons that I wanted to share with you.

One of the biggest things that I took away from the post was, happy people try to spend their time being happy.  I know it sounds crazy, but we tend to think that happy people are just happy – but most of them actually work at being happy!

Now, let me share my story with you and my revelation.  During lunch today, I decided to drive over to Subway and grab a sandwich for lunch, I usually pack but I had forgotten my lunch in the fridge!  As I went to start my car, I couldn’t get it to start, uh-oh!

Luckily, I have AAA so I got towed to a garage, however my tow truck took over 2 hours to arrive and I had to miss one of my classes!  After the 2 hour delay, the cost of the repair was about twice what I had estimated, and my ride home couldn’t make it to pick me up.

According to most people, I was having a pretty bad day, but as the tow truck was picking up my car and towing it, I took a picture on Instagram.  I captioned that photo, “Getting towed staying positive! #itcouldbeworse”

I was a little upset but just before I took this picture, I realized – happy people work on being happy so just stay positive!

The reason I share this story with you is that I want you to realize something very key to happiness.  Life is going to suck sometimes – harsh but true – but if you want to be happy you have to make that choice!  Most things in life take work and happiness is no exception!

I have a challenge for you this weekend!  Odds are pretty darn good that something isn’t going to go as according to plan.  When it happens brush it of, put a smile on your face, and move on!  You owe that to yourself!

Until Next Time,

Zach Spuckler


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Susan Robinson September 20, 2013 at 1:41 pm

This is great, Zach! I love all your daily positive thoughts. After reading this just now, I thought about my day so far. I am medicating one dog for an ear infection and found out that she also needs to have 2 teeth pulled and made another trip to the vet this morning to find out that my Pippa has another bacterial infection. These 2 are both puppy mill rescues so offer me lots of challenges. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and defeated. So…taking a cue from you, I just went outside with dog number 3 -Harry- and had a happy time playing ball with him. He gets so excited he literally squeaks and this always makes me smile. Hope your car is Ok and that you are having a happy day that doesn’t require work. : )


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